Agro Line

Familia FM 4.png

Fluido Manchester Concentrated Disinfectant

Powerful general purpose disinfectant composed of a soap base and phenolated oil.

Familia FT 3.png

Fluido Triunfo
Concentrated Disinfectant

Broad spectrum disinfectant.

'New Fórmula' coming soon

Curabicheras 3.png

Curabichera Manchester

Anti-Myiasis Spray

Antimicrobial spray for use in myiasis (parasitic infestation)

Hormiguicida Manchester Mirex
Granulated Ant Killer

Made on the basis of pellets, with natural flavorings, it attracts the ants who instinctively takes it to the anthill.

Horms Polvo 1.png

Hormiguicida Manchester Polvo
Powdered Ant Killer

Highly effective in combating both "red" and "black" ants, acting by contact.