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Product presentations:

  • 20 lts. round tinplate drum.

  • 4 lts. round tinplate drum.

  • 700 cc.triangular tinplate can.

  • 350 cc. round tinplate can.


Packing of sales units:

  • 20 liter drums: per unit.

  • 4 liter drums: boxes of 4 units

  • 700 cc: boxes of 20 units

  • 700 cc: boxes of 10 units

  • 350 cc: boxes of 40 units

  • 350 cc: boxes of 20 units

Fluido Manchester
Concentrated Disinfectant


A powerful antiseptic - general disinfectant that is used both in animals with foot lesions, as preventive treatment after dehorning and other injuries or wounds where it is convenient to prevent the action of gram bacteria, as well as for prevention and disinfection of yards, barns, stables, boxes , etc-. The product also has antifungal actions.


The microbicidal and fungicidal properties of its active components, phenols, and its mechanism of action are due to the fact that it acts against microorganisms such as protoplasmic poisons, coagulating and denaturing their proteins.


Fluido Manchester is reinforced by its disinfectant action by the rest of the components, forming once diluted, a soapy emulsion that, apart from its detergent capacity, facilitates the penetration of the product and reaches all those corners that other products cannot reach.


Its deodorizing effect eliminates the most unpleasant odors, creating a pleasant atmosphere of disinfection and cleaning, with long-lasting effects.


Fluido Manchester, compared to other types of disinfectants, sees very little affected its activity against organic matter remains.


Fluido Manchester:

  • Has great disinfectant activity.

  • Acts in the presence of organic matter.

  • Can be used in the presence of animals.

  • Has a wide spectrum of activity against microorganisms.

  • Repels insects and rodents.

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