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Product presentations:

  • 440 cc. Spray


Packing of sales units:

  • 440 cc.: box of 12 units

Curabicheras Manchester
Anti-Myiasis Spray

Use Curabicheras Manchester in myiasis (parasitic infestation) produced by fly larvae inside a wound of any nature and as a preventive in general wounds, dehorning, castrations, navel of the newborn of cattle, horses, sheep and pigs.

As a preventive, it prevents certain flies: Common fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (wild fly), Calliphoria spp (blue fly), Sarcophaga carnaria (causing myiasis) from depositing their eggs there and as an antimystic by directly attacking the larvae, the product of the eggs deposited there. by the flies.

Cypermethrin acts on insects directly by contact and ingestion. Its action is established on the neurosecretory cells, which through neurohormones, kill the insect by paralysis of the nervous system.

Fenitrothion has an irreversible cholinesterase action, and kills insects by paralysis.


Curabicheras Manchester:

  • Acts on insects by contact or ingestion

  • Long acting

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