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Our History

In March 1900, Don Rafael Olivari founded Feit y Olivari Ltda. (actually Feit y Olivari S.A.) and the arrival of the first batch of Fluido Manchester from England took place in Buenos Aires.

The company's activities were divided between the import and  manufacture of propaganda/advertising materials (now known as merchandising), and chemical products, more precisely disinfectant fluids.


Fluido Manchester rapidly became the ideal disinfectant to combat the feared scabies, a disease that wiped out entire herds of the growing livestock farm.

Given the multiple uses and the great effectiveness within the veterinary field, its application was extended to massive use in public places and homes, as the yellow fever epidemic at the beginning of the century was still fresh in the memory of the population.


Feit y Olivari ltda. became a specialist in merchandising items, at the same time that its flagship product, Fluido Manchester steadily increased its demand, adding prestige and popularity, obtaining awards and recognition at the fairs it was exhibited, such as:

1904 Honor's Diploma, International Exhibition, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1910 Silver Medal, Hygiene Expo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1910 First Prize, Agriculture Expo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1910 Grand Cross, International Expo, London, England.

1911 Gold Medal, International Expo, Torino, Italy.

1911 Bronze Medal for special collaboration, International Expo, Torino, Italy.

1922 Honor's Diploma, National Livestock Show, Buenos Aires, Argentina

These events forced, initially,  to import the product in bulk, fractioning it in the country and subsequently, to manufacture it directly in Argentina.


The need to maintain quality standards in its products led the company to register the traditional triangular canister as its own brand, a model that has characterized us over the years. For this reason we had to design and manufacture the aforementioned triangular lithographed tinplate containers, in the Company ourselves.


Fluido Manchester became over the years a synonym of cleanliness, disinfection quality and the fight against cholera, (recommended by the C.E.M.I.C. as a general disinfectant in 1992 and 1993).

The success obtained, motivated Feit y Olivari S.A. to concentrate its efforts on developing new products, maintaining the concepts of quality and seriousness with which Fluido Manchester is manufactured.


Towards the end of 1996 with the same commitment to work and responsibility, the modernization of the facilities, the automation of production procedures and the training of personnel began.


In June 2017, majority shareholding control passed back to the third generation of direct descendants of Don Rafael Olivari.

In January 2020, Feit y Olivari S.A. begins a new renovation process, moving its facilities to a new and modern production plant in the Ezeiza Industrial Pole, where it will continue with the development and growth process that it undertook in a timely manner, adding new products aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers.

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Feit y Olivari LDA - Fluido Manchester - Directorio - Belgrano 881
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