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Cucarachicida Manchester is an insecticide formulated on the basis of Cypermethrin, a molecule of the pyrethroid family, which effectively fights all types of cockroaches. It stands out for being slightly toxic to humans and animals, being very effective for the total control of insects that affect the health, hygiene and well-being of the home. It has no solvent, it is a water-based concentrate that makes it safer, it does not harm plants or flowers. It has a long residual action, a great expulsion effect, it is repellent and does not stain.


About cockroaches:

The cockroach is a true living fossil. It is one of the oldest inhabitants of the Earth, since it witnessed the birth of the dinosaurs 170 million years ago and their extinction. It also witnessed the formation of mountain ranges such as the Alps, the Rockies and the Andes, the formation of the world's oil and coal deposits and also the advance and retreat of glaciers.


This insect possesses some extraordinary attributes. It inhabits any place on the planet, from the warmest ones like the Sahara to those with colder temperatures. It can be found installed in the interstices of cash registers and market scales as well as on television sets, where it not only finds a warm habitat but also food, since it devours virtually anything from orchid buds to shoes. A certain species of cockroach has an enzyme in the digestive tract that transforms wood into a food substance. But in addition, it can survive long periods of fasting, since it supports a month without water or food, two months with only water and five months with only food. The cockroach has a powerful means of protection in its glands, which give off a foul odor that prevents many animals from eating it.


However, the cockroach's most notable instrument is its antennae. These are longer than your body and contain olfactory cells through which it discovers the presence of food and water even in the dark. The nocturnal habits of the blaster (name of the cockroach family) have contributed greatly to consolidating its persistent dominance. It has two compound eyes, of very fine sensitivity and three simple eyes, all implanted at the top of the head, which allows it to see in all directions.


It is known to be a carrier of polio, typhoid, gastroenteritis and other diseases.


It reproduces with amazing ease. Some females have had up to 180 young in 300 days. The young reach their maximum size in one month and live for about a year. If the environment is favorable, the population increases with fabulous rapidity.


Some species incubate the eggs inside the body, but most carry 12 to 40 eggs in a pouch that protrudes from the end of the abdomen. In general, the female deposits the sack somewhere that provides food for the young and hides them in a pile of garbage.


However, newborn insects can live for up to a week without eating.


The cockroach population continues to grow until it is limited by lack of food, water, inadequate habitat or treatment with an insecticide. The population will peak and fluctuate around that level until it is affected and declines. When the use of a conventional insecticide affects the population by reducing it, the reproduction rate will increase to compensate for this reduction, so that the population reaches normal levels once the residual power of the insecticide disappears. That is why to combat it it is necessary to be extremely scrupulous in cleaning, keep everything edible in hermetic containers and periodically use an insecticide with high residual power.

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