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Fluido Manchester

​Fluido Manchester is a general antiseptic-disinfectant that is used in animals with foot lesions, as a preventive treatment after dehorning and other injuries or wounds where it is convenient to prevent the action of gram (+) and (-) bacteria. In addition, the product has antifungal actions.
FORMULA: Phenol 15%; emulsifier, diluent and neutralizer q.s.p. 100%
National Poisoning Center. Tel .: 0800-333-0160


Topical use

In bovine, ovine, goat and avian species: laying hens, broilers, turkeys and quail. It dissolves in water by applying the water to the fluid and not the fluid to the water. Apply on the body of the animals by spraying at 2% avoiding contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

External use

It is recommended for the hygienic control of the habitats of domestic animals such as chicken coops, pens, cages, stables, drains, outbuildings. Eliminate bad odors and keep flies away. Dilute 350 cc. in 20 liters of water enough to disinfect an area of 80 m2 by flushing and 150 m2 by spraying.



In felines and pigs its topical use is contraindicated and in those animals allergic to phenol.

Store between 0 ° and 35 ° C.

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