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Hormiguicida Manchester Líquido
Concentrated Liquid Ant Killer

It's ideal to combat the "red" ant and when the anthill is located.


Apply with a watering can Hormiguicida Manchester Líquido diluted in water in a proportion of one "cap" of product for every 10 liters of water.

When inaccessible due to construction factors, applications of Liquid Manchester Killer can be made with high pressure sprayers.


In a first application, the population will significantly reduce its size, mainly due to the product's excellent residual powe.


Hormiguicida Manchester Líquido:

  • Quick and easy preparation

  • Safety lid that prevents spills and opening by children.

Product presentation:

  • 500 cc. bottle

  • 250 cc. bottle

  • 120 cc. bottle

  • 60 cc. bottle

Packing of sales units:

  • 500 cc. bottle: box of 12 units

  • 250 cc. bottle: box of 12 units

  • 120 cc. bottle: box of 12 units

  • 60 cc. bottle: box of 24 units

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