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Product presentation:

  • 5 kg bag

  • 1 kg plastic doypack

  • 500 g. plastic doypack

  • 250 g. plastic doypack

  • 200 g plastic bottle


Packing of sales units:

  • 5 kg bag: per unit

  • 1 kg plastic doypack: box of 12 units

  • 500 g. plastic doypack: box of 24 units

  • 250 g. plastic doypack: box of 48 units

  • 200 g plastic bottle: box of 6 units

Hormiguicida Manchester Mirex
Granulated Ant Killer

When a large number of common black ant is noticed, whether the paths they form are visualized or identified, the use of Hormiguicida Manchester MIREX is recommended.


The product, made on the basis of pellets and with natural flavorings, attracts ants, who instinctively take the pellet to the anthill, to collect it for the winter.


In this way, the active principle is entered into the heart of the anthill, achieving greater effectiveness.


It is recommended to apply the product forming piles on the side of the path formed by the ant, so that the insect selects it and loads it, avoiding having to cut leaves of crops or plants.


The application is also recommended in special devices that preserve the product from moisture and prolong its action.


Do not apply the product on days of high humidity or on the eve of rain as it will lose its effectiveness.


Hormiguicida Manchester MIREX:

  • Effective to combat black ants.

  • The new doypack container allows a hermetic closure, prolonging the useful life of the product

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