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Product presentation:

  • 5 kg bag

  • 4 kg bag

  • 1 kg plastic container

  • 250 g plastic container


Packing of sales units:

  • 5 kg bag: per unit

  • 4 kg bag: per unit

  • 1 kg plastic container: box of 12 units

  • 1 kg plastic container: box of 6 units

  • 250 g plastic container: box of 24 units

  • 250 g plastic container: box of 12 units

Hormiguicida Manchester Polvo
Powdered Ant Killer

It is highly effective in combating both "red" and "black" ants, since it acts by contact between the insect and the active ingredient.


If the problem is located in a tile roof, the tiles should be raised in an orderly manner and where an increase in frequency is observed. In this case, it should be applied by dusting Hormiguicida Manchester Polvo Seco in the immediate vicinity.


Liquid formulations are not advisable in this type of section, in order not to wet the surface and cause leaks.


Do not apply the product on days of high humidity or on the eve of rain as the active principle dissolves and loses its effectiveness.


Hormiguicida Manchester Polvo: 

  • Ideal for closed spaces.

  • Great residual power.

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