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Cucarachicida Manchester con Cipermetrina Listo Para Usar

The Insecticida Cucarachicida y Aracnicida Manchester is specially designed for your home. It acts by contact. Kills cockroaches, spiders and crawling insects in general.



Shake well before using. Rotate the spray nozzle. Spray baseboards and other places where insects walk and perch from 30 cm.


Do not apply on food, kitchen utensils, plants or aquariums (it is toxic to fish). Do not smoke or eat during application. CAUTION: INGESTION AND INHALATION HAZARDOUS. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS. Keep the product in its original container. Keep locked up. Do not reuse empty containers. During the application, no people or pets should remain in the place.


In case of intoxication, go to the Poison Center or Health Service, carrying the product container or label. Do not supply milk, fat or oils and DO NOT CAUSE VOMITING. • In case of direct contact with the product, wash the affected part with plenty of soap and water. • In case of contact with the eyes, wash immediately with plenty of running water. • If inhaled excessively, remove the person to a ventilated place. 


  Chemical group: Pyrethroids (Class III)                                  Common name: Cypermethrin

  Antidote / Symptomatic Treatment: Atropine                          Emergency Phone: 0-800-333-0160 (Arg.)


Cypermethrin 0.40% - Emulsifiers and distilled water q.s.p. 100%

CONSULTATIONS IN CASE OF INTOXICATION: (see link to access the most complete and updated information)

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