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Product presentation:

  • 200 g plastic bottle (granules)  

  • 250 g plastic bottle (powder)

  • 200 g box (granules)

Packing of sales units:

  • 200 g plastic bottle (granules): box of 6 units

  • 250 g plastic bottle (powder): box of 12 units

  • 200 g box (granules): box of 12 units

Babocida Manchester
Slug & Snail Killer

Ideal for controlling slugs and snails, distributing it around the plants, forming small mounds, preferably in the afternoon so that its toxic action takes place at night.

Do not use in case of rain or extreme humidity, as it inhibits its action.

Avoid ingestion in humans, birds, and pets.

Babocida Manchester Pellet, as a gardening product, is made on the basis of metaldehyde, the only specific selective product for the control of slugs and snails.

In agriculture and floriculture other products are used such as carbamates, niclosamide and metal salts. But these products are not specific since they are insecticides, so they have other eco-toxicological effects and become harmful to health.

In Argentina, the most common species are Slugs Limax sp., Agriolimax sp. and Deroceras sp. & Caracoles Helix sp.

Babocida Manchester:

  • Is highly effective against slugs and snails.

  • Acts for a long time.

  • Can be used in the presence of animals.

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